Volunteer In Chile- Latin America’s Best Kept Secret

Volunteering in Chile can be an amazing learning experience, one that you are unlikely to forget. Pretty much isolated from the rest of the world, Chile’s natural barriers such as the most arid desert in the world, the Andes Mountain range, the Pacific Ocean, and the ice fields in Southern Patagonia, offers such a tremendous amount of diversity to this extended and thin country that it’s considered as the jewel of South American continent. Much loved and popular, it is said that in Chile you are never too far from the sea, the mountains, or the desert. Currently, on a economic fast track, Chile is now experiencing a newer and improved socioeconomic stability as compared to the other South American countries. However, this capitalistic approach has ended up widening the gap between the economically richer and poorer sections of the society. As a volunteer to Chile, you will have many opportunities to do something really worthwhile as you travel from one city to another, helping people to gaining emotional, financial, and physical independence.

Why Volunteer In Chile

With 5,000 kms of South Pacific coastline, Chile is a wonderfully blessed with pristine beaches, and plenty of tourist activity. Furthermore, Chile can also lay claim to some portion of Antarctica and if these reasons are not enough for you for volunteering in Chile then consider this. Across the nation, there are several NGOs that are willing to accept you as volunteer to help them in their attempts to improve housing for the poor, provide assistance for academic development, work with drug addicts, offer expertise at medical health centers, and show compassion towards the homeless and much more. Why not take a year’s gap to volunteer in Chile as well as travel this country, which is a contradiction and reflection of global landscapes?

Types Of Projects Available

For those of you who find volunteering in Chile a challenge as well as an opportunity to contribute to the society in a solid way, Chile volunteering projects come in varied types demanding different levels of skills. Whether you enjoy working with drug abusers, for have a passion for languages, or want to teach children and make them better adults, or work to improve the position of women in the society, or perhaps, you are a die-hard animal lover and want to do your bit to improve the apathetical outlook of people towards them; you will most certainly find volunteering in Chile personally satisfying.

• Community Welfare programs: Volunteering in Chile for community welfare programs include delivering food for homeless people, doing social work in poor communities, teaching at various education centers, taking care of children at day care centers, assisting the homeless and terminally ill patients, etc.

• Education programs: Assisting as a teacher in rural schools will offer you the opportunities to teach the locals various subjects such as Math, Science, geography, history, even crafts, arts, knitting, etc.

• Teach English programs: If you can also teach conversational English to children, women, and adults thus, helping them to make the best of global opportunities, which demand knowledge in English language. As a volunteer in Chile on this project, you will work with teenaged children who are currently in youth shelters due to sexual abuse, neglect, or abandoned by their family. These shelters give children a safe place to study, live, and develop.

• Building Homes programs: As a volunteer in Chile for building and repairing homes/buildings project, you get the opportunity to leave an indelible mark of your contribution. You can help build homes or help repair existing homes, build educational set-ups for underprivileged families and orphans. Such kind of volunteering in Chile programs help you build lasting relationships at the personal level with the locals. Of course, if you have similar knowledge that a huge plus!

• Conservation program: A broad term, conservation is applicable to environmental conservation as well as architecture and natural heritage conservation. While most volunteering in Chile conservation projects includes animal conservation such as animal rehabilitation centers, or reserves, you can also participate in breeding and rehabilitation of specific spices of animals.

Volunteering in Chile Requirements

1. No experience or qualifications required
2. Must be 18 or over 18 years of age
3. Should be free from all health problems

Fee and Other details

Every project has a fee attached, which is taken in advance and used for providing food, accommodation, comprehensive travel insurance, in-country travel, fund raising ideas etc.


Leave a never to be forgotten mark on the world map by volunteering in Chile!

Volunteer in Chile expert Alex Landin is a project manager and contributes to Volunteering in Chile destinations programs at GlobalCrossRoad.com

Article Source: Volunteer In Chile- Latin America's Best Kept Secret

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