Living in Latin America Update

Hey everyone i'm happy that i could find a site that i could really express myself, look am I the only one who thinks that this antifreedom republican machine is trying to extinc freedom in our hemisphere? does anyone think that what they did in Haiti, and what they are trying to do to Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, and all of the Americas is right. They give Aristide a Coup D'etat and use Cnn to do it just like they are trying to do to Chavez. It's like Little Bush and his republican killers do not like any president's in the area that are popular. Why is it in our hemisphere it's only Canada that has some resemblance of freedom of government is it because there skin is lighter than ours? America is light a pile of gold surounded by a garbage dump. If America claims to really want to share it's freedom this country would really be great but time and time again they show you that they want to hoard it for themselves only. If Americans want to know why the world hates them and attacks them they need to inform themselves as to what their government is really doingin the world !!!!

Posted by cap at March 29, 2004 01:02 PM

Um. Please keep your anti-Americanist rant to yourself. No offense. I was born in Bolivia & immigrated to the US. I've had a great experience there. Also, whatever you think of the US, don't bring in Venezuela or Haiti (or others) into it. Neither of those presidents were "popular". It's one thing to argue against US meddling in other nation's domestic affairs (I agree w/ you on that) and another to argue that those presidents are "popular" (as if it'd be right for the US to interfere if they weren't?). And please don't go on that "Americans are stupid" rhetoric. It's neither progressive, nor liberal.

Posted by Miguel Centellas at April 5, 2004 06:08 PM

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