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January 2004

Reacciones frente a declaraciones del Presidente Mesa
Posted by josephine at 03:22 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack

Como mencionó Miguel, en su mensaje del 4 de enero pasado el presidente Mesa tocó el tema de la mediterraneidad boliviana en términos que continúan provocando declaraciones de autoridades gubernamentales y artículos periodísticos en los países aludidos por el presidente boliviano: Chile y Perú.

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Revista peruana dedicada a la literatura
Posted by josephine at 11:35 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack

La revista electrónica peruana El Hablador, que actualiza cada tres meses, acaba de sacar su segunda edición. Además de señalar la promulgación de la Ley del Libro como el acontecimiento cultural más importante del año pasado en el Perú, incluye nuevos artículos sobre la huella de Borges en Ginebra, el reciente boom de la novela policial en América Latina, poesía y cuentos inéditos.

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Réveillon (New Year in Rio)
Posted by Mike Derham at 11:28 AM | Comments (0) | TrackBack

In keeping with Miguel C. 's highlighting of New Year's traditions, and to start my blogging here on a light note, I thought I'd throw down a quick post on my favorite New Year tradition: Réveillon no Rio, na praia de Copacabana.

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Bolivian New Year Traditions
Posted by Miguel Centellas at 11:53 AM | Comments (2) | TrackBack

Although it's a few days late, I thought you might like to read about some interesting Bolivian traditions for New Years. Mostly, they involve symbolic things or activities intended to bring good fortune (of various kinds) during the coming year.

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Brazil takes its stand
Posted by Michael Darragh at 10:12 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack

Brazil says it will not end court-ordered photographing and fingerprinting of US visitors, a tit-for-tat response to a similar US measure, despite grumbling over the US action.

"I consider the act itself absolutely brutal, an attack on human rights, a violation of human dignity, xenophobic and as bad as the worst horrors sponsored by the Nazis," Judge Julier Sebastiao wrote of the US measures, in his decision ordering Brazilian authorities to fingerprint and photograph all US visitors.

Brazil's policy is to treat foreign visitors as their countries treat Brazilians.

Beginning January 5, US immigration officials at all international airports will vet visitors' passports and visas and pose the usual questions -- before taking their photographs and inkless digital fingerprints.

Boca Juniors' Tevez voted best player in Latin America
Posted by Michael Darragh at 08:41 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack

Boca Juniors striker Carlos Tevez, who led Argentina's most popular team to the Copa Libertadores title, was voted the top player in Latin America on Wednesday in an annual poll by sports journalists.

Paraguayan forward Jose Cardozo of Mexico's Toluca was second in the survey conducted by Uruguayan newspaper El Pais, followed by Brazilian midfielder Digeo of Santos.

The 19-year-old Tevez, whose speed and crafty ball control have quickly made him a fan favourite, has drawn the attention of several top European clubs, including Germany's Bayern Munich.

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