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How Can I Contribute?

Bloggers and writers with a keen intrest in what it means to be Living in Latin America are welcome to apply for membership.

Some people wish to take a very active role, while others are content just to be part of a bigger network. Either is absolutely great. All we ask is that you make some kind of contribution, from a simple RSS feed to producing/administering an entire section, and put up a link to us from your own site or blog.

Syndicate your Blog

The Living in Latin America Aggregator is one of the most popular sections of the site.

Syndicators' names appear on the blog list while their RSS feeds are updated every two hours, appearing on the main page. Furthermore, we’d like to know if you’d be willing to allow the monthly production team to publish outstanding work straight from your own blog, or whether you’d rather decide for yourself what you want to put in. If the former, write 'permission to syndicate content' in your e-mail reply, tick the special permission box in the web form mail on the right, or you can let us know if you have a Creative Commons license.

Contributors and Correspondents

We rely on our network of bloggers and writers to contribute content on a wide variety of themes - news, features, travel, business, technology, photography - the list of categories is ever expanding.

Contributors and correspondents are the oxygen which Living in Latin America breathes. If you want to get further involved, we can set you up to put posts straight onto the Moveable Type publishing system, or you can e-mail producers/editors with your material. There's a list of guidelines, a 'House Style' to help keep all the posts consistent. You don't even necessarily need to have your own blog to contribute - click on the blue-green box on the top right of this page to send the admin team an entry. We'd prefer new members to start out as contributors for a few weeks before we upgrade them to correspondent status. Correspondents are encouraged to participate in site development and to take on extra tasks, such as producing or administration, if they so desire.

Take a Leading Role

Living in Latin America membership is not intended to be hierarchical, and if you're prepared to make the commitment straight off there's nothing to stop you becoming a producer/editor or administrator from the start.

Producing is not time-consuming. Living in Latin America's producers are challenged with the opportunity to manage their section(s) in the most time-efficient manner possible. Furthermore, producers are encouraged to develop and improve their channel.

Producers can make considerable contributions to the overall development of the site - and the network. In essence, we strongly encourage producers to take ownership of their channel.

A producer is not an editor in the traditional, 'old media' sense. The beauty of blogging is that writers are not restricted or dictated to by editors. Circumstances where producers might change an entry include: maintaining the House Style and removing posts which are potentially harmful to the site and its members.

Producers do not alter the essence and structure of entries. The technical demands of editing require only a minimal knowledge of HTML coding and use of the Movable Type content management system which we can teach you.

If you would prefer to work behind-the-scenes, we are always on the look-out for more involvement. Site administrators volunteer their respective skills in design, technical development, marketing, community liaison, editorial and membership coordination.

Administrators also work to improve Living in Latin America by listening to the membership and keeing check of new trends and technologies to incorporate into the site. Living in Latin America's administrators are strongly encouraged to lead the development of their respective departments. It does mean a little more involvement and time, but the rewards are numerous. We do need to keep moving things forward and share the work effectively, but we absolutely don’t want to restrict people’s contributions – far from it, it’s the bloggers writing for the site that are its lifeblood.

No pressure, just options.

Please e-mail us or use the web form mail to let us know which of the five roles above you’d like to take.

Link back

Members not only enjoy the association of being part of this new initiative, they also garner quite a few links in the direction of their own blogs and websites.

For this reason we kindly ask that all members provide a permanent link to Living in Latin America on their own sites. Either as text to or by using one of the following icons:


For further information about joining Living in Latin America, complete this formmail.

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I agree to provide a permanent link to Living in Latin America on my blog

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We will be in contact with you soon.

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