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A Nicaragua Canal?
(Latin America Advisor) ? Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolanos last week lobbied for support for a second international waterway in the Central American isthmus linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to complement the Panama Canal. ...

Walking the Mean Streets of the Sixth Boro
... why Miami has become the gateway to Latin America, why Los Angeles rules the Pacific Rim and why ... then the greatest city in America would be Upper Sandusky, Ohio. ... anti-enterprise taxes is the 4% unincorporated business tax, ...

Earthjet Sells Latin America Air Taxi Master Franchise Rights
Earthjet is a complete business system for air taxi operations, and our company has the experience, contacts and market knowledge to make it a tremendous success in this part of the world. Aviation is growing in Latin America, ...

China Making Latin American Business Moves
Interesting post over at the China Rises: Notes From the Middle Kingdom Blog, entitled, On Growing Sino-Latin Trade Ties, on increasing economic ties between China and Latin America. The writer of the China Rises Blog, Tim Johnson, ...

Boards in China Need to be More Open as Chinese Economy Globalises
Today, our leadership experts operate from principal business centers in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information about Heidrick & Struggles, please visit . ...

Cash flow from Texas leaps as Latin American immigrants share ...
The Washington-based organization that promotes development in Latin America and the Caribbean estimates that the 12.6 million immigrants living in the United States will send $45.3 billion to relatives living across Latin America this ...

Frequent Traveler: Donna Hrinak
How often do you fly to Latin America?I fly to Latin America about twice per month.

Latin Market Outlook
(Latin America Advisor) ? Emerging markets, including markets in Latin America, fell on Friday amid concerns of a US economic slowdown and wider political jitters. What is the outlook for Latin American markets, especially in the event ...

Latin Inflation: Panama Best, Venezuela Worst

Frequent Traveler: Marcelo Salup
What is your favorite hotel in Latin America for business travel? For day to day, the Nikko in Mexico fits all my needs to a "T"; it is huge, impersonal, great rooms, good restaurant (the Japanese one on the second floor), ...

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