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Will Ecuador go bananas?
Noboa is the kind of candidate that the Americans can only dream of in most Latin American countries. So favourable is he to US policy that he plans to close the Cuban and Venezuelan embassies if elected President in the second round. ...

Back to Central America
The hope is that given some time, the group of Latin American and Caribbean nations will either resolve in favor of one country or the other, or choose an alternate compromise candidate. In the meantime, however, Costa Rica who was ...

America's Militaristic Attitude
But in the critical years after 1991, America had to make a choice between two ... The exercise of soft power would have seen America leading the world in the fight ... and helped poor countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America build ...

Flunking History
I think we have never sought someone else?s country, certainly not in the last ... We have liberated a number of countries, and we do not own one square foot of any ... or oppressive -- although some were, particularly in Latin America. ...

Boliva assurance on military bases.
... its military bases within its own border are no threath to any other country. ... is using oil money to try to build an anti-US alliance in Latin America. ... The two countries cut off diplomatic relations in 1978, and still do not ...

Justice and Impunity: Politics of the International Community
In its entirety, Nepstad?s article focuses on the School of the Americas Watch and how international groups like this one can aid Latin American countries faced with the challenge of transitional justice, but she is slow to arrive at ...

Justice and Impunity: Politics of the International Community
In her final section, Nepstad presents the ways that this activism, exemplified specifically by the SOA Watch, ?contributes to the consolidation of democracy in Latin American countries wrestling with the problems of transitional ...

US military intervention in Latin America and Iran
The Latin American countries have been very separate from one another through their histories, they have a huge gap between the very rich and the huge massive poor, so when we are talking about the countries, we are talking about the ...

Venezuela?s UN Ambassador Accuses Bush Administration of ...
Over the past four days, the UN General Assembly has conducted 30 rounds of votes to decide whether Venezuela or Guatemala should represent Latin America on the Security Council. Guatemala has won every round of voting but has failed to ...

The UN's last hot seat
Actually, the members of the United Nations are trying to put a country from Latin America on the last seat of the Security Council. Venezuela and Guatemala are the countries that are trying to conquer the heart of the UN's ...

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