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VMA Latin America Performances!
The Latin Version of the Vma's took place this Thursday! And this Nelly Furtado performance for me was the HOTTEST ... Nelly brought the latin beats to her performances that fit perfectly. She has to record a latin album asap! Enjoy ...

Robbie Willam's BUTT show at the MTV Latin America Awards - eeewwwww
You will never see anything as GROSE as this ever... I wonder how many people puked when they saw his butt....

Latin American biofuels alliance
ps thanks to the excellent new publication of the Inter-American Dialogue, Latin America Energy Advisor, for bringing this news to my attention. Click here to read an excellent report on the Latin American biofuels market by the IDB's ...

Will Ecuador go bananas?
Noboa is the kind of candidate that the Americans can only dream of in most Latin American countries. So favourable is he to US policy that he plans to close the Cuban and Venezuelan embassies if elected President in the second round. ...

[Visit Panama] Panama Tocumen Airport - Getting into town
Pic title: Reverberación (Link). Getting into town from Panama is pretty easy but is a bit expensive. Since Tocumen is about 20 miles from the city, a taxi runs about $20 (or $20 Balboa, since 1 Balboa = 1 Dollar by a currency peg). ...

10/21/2006: Latin America News: Oaxaca strike near its end, but ...
MEXICO CITY ? Striking teachers in Oaxaca have agreed to return to classes as early as next week in what federal officials hope is a first step in restoring order to the state?s historic capital after five months of civil unrest. ...

Poll: Brazilian president widens lead
In this photo released by Lula's campaign, Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, left, appears with Brazilian boxing star Acelino 'Popo' Freitas, right, during a rally in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006. ...

Nicaragua's Ortega reaches out to foreign investors
Foreign investors are cautiously considering the pros and cons of the potential presidency of Daniel Ortega, who is running a 'reconciliation' campaign in Nicaragua Daniel Ortega, former Nicaraguan president and presidential candidate ...

Sunday News Roundup
*About 13 million Latin American immigrants living in the United States will send home ... (Migrants earned an average of $150 dollars a month in Latin America, ... *The battle for Latin America?s UN seat between Venezuela and Guatamala ...

Back to Central America
The hope is that given some time, the group of Latin American and Caribbean nations will either resolve in favor of one country or the other, or choose an alternate compromise candidate. In the meantime, however, Costa Rica who was ...

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