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news | by Eduardo Avila | April 11, 2004 at 08:25 PM | comments (1) | trackback (0)

The weekly Bolivian newspaper Pulso published a first hand account of the tense and suprisingly, relaxed final moments of miner, Eustaquio Picachuri. He was killed on March 30, when the dynamite strapped to his body exploded.

Raúl Moreno Zaconeta, an official in the Parliment, was 5 meters from the entire episode and recounts what he saw that afternoon.

He recalls hearing Picachuri say,

"Yo respeto su vidas, aléjense de mí, no soy un terrorista, estoy pidiendo mi plata, no vengo a pedir la plata de los demás, es mi dinero… es fácil de arreglar’…"

"I respect your lives, stay away from me, I am not a terrorist. I am just asking for my money, I am not here to ask for anyone else's money..., it is my money;.. it's easy to resolve"


Leaves me speechless.

Posted by luis | April 12, 2004 12:25 PM

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