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| by Daniel Bustillos | July 08, 2004 at 10:15 AM | comments (1) | trackback (0)

There's less than 2 weeks for the refendum to take place, I percieve the majority's discomfort with the way it was handled; though, the majority perceives it is a positive thing and probably absentism will be low (traditionally elections ,and all sort of things like that, are like holidays for most of the population). Despite the fact that all questions were poorly formulated, they will serve their purpose as a general basis for hidrocarbons and international policy making; surveys foretell a "Yes" to all questions; but that'll be only step 1.

After the referendum it is not clear the direction the executive will take, whichever they take I hope they stick to it no matter what, lately Mesa's administration has been marked by giving up to the slightest social obstacle and by fear of using the legitimate power of authority (can't really blame him considering his predecessor; but if you hold the club you might have to swing, otherwise give it to someone who will).


Your motives for doing whatever good deed you may have in mind will be
misinterpreted by somebody.

Posted by lipitor | August 4, 2004 07:17 PM

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